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Graceful Flavor is written, edited and produced by Jeff Ventura. It’s is a part-time gig for now, but I’m hoping that will change. This is my passion. In the meantime, I work as a senior product/strategy manager at a large software firm, directing the fates of two enterprise application service management products.

Graceful Flavor is a weblog covering many topics that are terrifically interesting to me: Apple geekery, technology as a whole, science, gaming/digital entertainment and nutrition, but you’ll mainly see Apple and tech musings above all else. Occasionally you will see stream-of-consciousness journals or windy, acerbic rants about things I find stupid or annoying and that need to stop. Many things that have no reason to any longer exist keep hanging around, which suppresses evolution and progress. In fact, they seem to prolifterate. This vexes me and makes me wonder if we’re all on a downslope of sorts.

I believe the advances in technology have massively outstripped the average user’s ability to absorb them, and when people talk about technology they’re really talking about solving problems and giving ideas life with technology, if only the technology didn’t get in the way first. I believe the era of technological and design simplicity is upon us, and the easier someone can make technology the better it is. It’s the closest to magic that way.

If you understand technology well, you’re literally a modern day wizard with nearly infinite resources. You’ll make more, do more, have more, accomplish more, and live a more fulfilled life.

If you do not understand technology or fear it, you are already at a tremendous disadvantage. This reality grows with each passing day. The delta between those who understand and leverage technology and those who don’t/can’t is lending itself as a major input to the larger socioeconomic divide between the rich and poor that we’re seeing in America.

I own one computer, which is a MacBook Pro 2.16 GHz Core Duo with 2 GB RAM and the ATI X1600 256 MB GPU. I run Mac OSX Tiger exclusively for now.

I have an irreverent sense of humor with a sarcastic bent. I’m generally level-headed but vocal. I will tell you how I feel about things even though you didn’t ask, which is evidenced by this rather long colophon page. The funny thing is, you were probably just looking for my name and where I live and now here you are reading all of this, wondering where I’m going with it all.

Nowhere in particular. Watch:

I’m married and live in Bloomfield Hills, MI. I’m 37.
My son is the center of my universe. He’s two and likes to tell me when things are gross.
I used to play semi-professional beach volleyball in the MPVA tour during my 20s, but have since moved on to other sports, namely hockey. I am a horrible skater.
I prefer imports over domestics, dark chocolate over milk, red wine over white, darker beer over light, heavier flavors over mild. I cannot stand mushrooms.
I believe the food industry in America is not at all concerned with the health of the individual. There are more non-foods than foods on grocer’s shelves. I try to avoid processed foods.
I like fast cars. I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t.
I seek clear-headedness, reason and truth. Education never stops.
I think many corporations flounder due to politics and infighting because (a) executive management creates a culture in which they’re tolerated and even encouraged, (b) leadership is something that’s looked upon as a soft skill and not necessary and (c) politics are given a wide berth when in fact they should be given none.
I’m a slightly above average golfer with lots of power but no touch. I’m a skiier of the same caliber.
I’m not ashamed to say that I view modern gaming platforms like the Xbox 360 to be such an enthralling digital entertainment medium that they’re akin to watching a movie or something you’ve TiVo’ed.
I have been suckered into doing family technical support, but I have one rule I live by: if you ask my advice and don’t listen, then you’re on your own. No exceptions.
This list will grow as I see fit.
Thank you for visiting Graceful Flavor. I hope you stop by often, and keep an eye on this: with any luck, it will become something much larger. Want to reach me? Get in touch. Also, I’m available on AOL IM as Cerberus9. Also, read the FAQ if you’re bored.

One last thing: if you have a comment, please post it here. Consider it a suggestion box.